Spousal and Child Abuse During Isolation

Rise in Cases of Abuse

For many people, these last few weeks have been unprecedented. Many of us are working from home and our children are doing their schoolwork from home. Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs, or the work has just stopped coming in. People are spending all their time at home with no ability to go out to lunch or the gym, or even to grab a cup of coffee.

We discussed how social distancing is creating many unintended issues for divorced couples with children. Visitation or parenting time is being missed to maintain social distancing. Our last blog had some ideas of how to overcome these issues during this time.

Most people are taking the stay-at-home orders in stride. They are creating routines to get their work done and take care of their kids and make the situation bearable, and even fun. For some people, this is an extremely tough time and the stress of the situation is growing daily. For couples or families that have serious issues, being together all day and night can make matters worse. Instances of abuse are being reported and the longer we must maintain this level of social distancing, the harder it will be on some people.

Courts Still Open for Emergencies

While the courts are closed for non-emergency matters, serious issues are still being addressed by the courts. If you or your children are in danger due to being at home with an abusive spouse or parent, there are things that can be done. Abuse and neglect are never acceptable and should never be tolerated.

For many people and children, going to work or school is the only respite they have from domestic violence. Now that schools are closed and most people are working from home, that respite is now gone. The pandemic is also a new way for the abuser to gain even more control by scaring them from even going outside for a few minutes.

Resources are Available

It is important for people to know that there are resources out there for them, even while they are in isolation. There are organizations like the National Organization of Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. This and other organizations like this can also be found online if a person is afraid to use a phone and be heard. The good thing about this organization’s website, is that there is an escape button that takes them away from the page and erases all clues, such as from history and cookies, that the website had ever been visited.

These organizations provide a safety plan for people to teach how to respond to different types of abuse and scare tactics and how to get to safety if they feel they are in physical danger.

An abuser is going to lie to control their victims. They might tell them there is not use in calling the police since they are busy dealing with the Coronavirus. They will say that there are no cops left to come to save them because they are all getting sick themselves. Most people may be at home, but essential workers are still out there. The police are still available, there are social workers and organizations that help abuse victims are still working. The courts are still dealing with criminal matters and in family court, emergency cases are still being dealt with.

There are ways out and ways to stay safe during this time. Stay strong, stay safe, and have a plan.


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