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Knowledge of the law is key

Tracy knows the law, and she knows it inside out. As with any family law case, achieving the desired result is subject to your ability to know your options, the likelihood of success, and a reasonable projection of realistic outcomes. Simply stated, you need someone who is grounded in reality, not the ideal state that you want. Strong arguments absent a strong legal foundation get you nowhere. This is where Tracy shines. Her years of experience and the ability to work through strategies and scenarios with a strong legal footing was instrumental in my case.

Fair and Knowledgeable

Tracy took my case in the nick of time; too many poor attorney’s had botch my chances of a fair divorce.

Excellent Service received from this Attorney

I have used Tracy on and off for over 4 years for both my initial divorce and subsequent custody and vistation issues. She is attentive, knowledgeable, fairly agressive, and fair and accurate with her billing. I would wholeheartedly reccommend her services to others.

I endorse this attorney. A+ rating!

There’s a good reason why Ms. Duell-Cazes has a stellar reputation with the the judges and her peers. She helps clients navigate difficult situations and is the preeminent attorney for any divorce with contempt issues involved. I have referred people to Tracy and hired her as co-counsel several times. I always contact her BEFORE the other side does – at least I try.

Reduce conflict

If you are looking for a bulldog who will take the fight to the other side, who will argue every point and who will tell any lie to get what she wants, Ms Duell-Cazes is not the one for you. If you just want revenge against your ex at any price to yourself and your children, move on to the next lawyer. On the other hand, if you want a lawyer with a reputation with the judges and with other lawyers for integrity and a willingness to resolve issues fairly, she is the one you need. Ms. Duell-Cazes will give you good advice even if you don’t want to hear it. She will work to resolve issues out of court whenever possible. She will try to reduce the scope of the issue and to save money for both parties. She will tell you when you are wrong, but will fight for you when you are right. If there is any possibility of reaching a mutually equitable solution, and if that is what you are after, she is the choice you are looking for. Ms. Duell-Cazes knows her business and has been around for over 20 years. She has earned enough respect to be taken at her word by judges and by other attorneys. I highly recommend Ms Duell-Cazes for divorce or custody cases.

Good Lawyer

I met a lot of lawyers before I met Tracy. My situation was really difficult, she took all the right steps. She gave my case a very good start. She is aggressive when need be, knowledgeable, communicative. She was very fair with her judgement and will give you genuine advice. I had to pull out early because I could not afford her legal fees, if you have the money I would not hesitate to hire Tracy.

Thank you

Tracy inherited a mess, or as she called it a trifecta of a bad judge, bad (prior) attorney, bad order. For years I was frustrated and irritated with her inability to clean it up. She forced me to have patience, which was in short supply, as she bided our time and laid the groundwork. We have had plenty of heated words along the way, and I certainly didn’t always agree with her. But she listened, I listened, and we found a way. I now have (almost) the outcome I want and for that I am grateful.


Tracy was tasked with handling a very contentious divorce involving several complex issues. As an attorney myself, I relied upon the referrals and recommendations of my peers in San Jose for selecting Tracy as my attorney. I was not disappointed! She was very knowledgeable and hands-on throughout the whole process. Several complex issues arose during the case, including issues that were supported by new case law that favored opposing party’s position. Nevertheless, Tracy successfully argued the facts and law in my favor, which resulted in a favorable and successful settlement of the case. I would certainly recommend Tracy to anyone that needs an exceptional attorney to handle any aspect of family law and litigation.


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