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Dealing with Holiday Stress

We are only a few days from the holidays and the end of the holiday season. For…

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Divorced for the Holidays

As you are probably aware, the all-consuming “Holiday Season” is upon us, and for those of us…

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Take it Easy for the Holidays

One of the negative “side effects” of wanting to have a good holiday season is the pressure…

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Holiday Season Scheduling

Just as the arrival of September signals the beginning of the new school year, with all the…

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Summer Vacations After a Divorce

Whether you have a parenting plan in place throughout the year, or a custody agreement mandated by…

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Resolve To Be Happy

It seems a cliché to write about resolutions in the new year, but when you have just…

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Kids and Holiday Traditions

In a previous post, we discussed getting through the holidays as a parent newly divorced with your…

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Alone for the Holidays

The holiday season, no matter the religion or culture is always accompanied by unrealistic expectations of happiness…

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Surviving Valentine’s Day After Divorce

According to every major media outlet in existence today, Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love…

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Do the Holidays and Vacations Lead to Divorce? If so, why?

If it seems that more couples announce divorce proceedings after the winter and summer holidays, a new…

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Dealing with the Holiday Season After a Divorce in California

The holidays are a normally stressful time, even if your family hasn’t just gone through a painful…

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