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How to Handle Social Gatherings with your Ex

After a divorce or a breakup, there are still going to be awkward interactions with your ex.…

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Getting Back Out There. Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Getting back into the dating scene after a divorce is a process. You may take some time…

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Now That the Divorce is Finalized, Are There Things I Need to Do?

Make sure your bank accounts and credit cards are secure. Your best bet is to close any…

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Take the High Road

Conflicts between two people always include two sets of facts that may or may not resemble each…

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Extended Family and Divorce

One of the most painful aspects of separation, after a marriage of any length, but particularly after…

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Resolve To Be Happy

It seems a cliché to write about resolutions in the new year, but when you have just…

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When is the best time to start dating?

The New Year is fast approaching and for most of the world, this means a chance to…

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Kids Going Back to School After Parents Divorce

Going back to school can be a very exciting time for a kid. They get to see…

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Family First. Divorced Second.

The dissolution of a marriage is never easy, even when amicable. But when things are contentious and…

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The Difficulty and Necessity of Co-Parenting

The dissolution of a marriage is never easy, even when amicable. When things are contentious and there…

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