Shared Custody Out of State: How to Stay Close With Your Kids After You Move.

Living away from your children after a divorce can be one of the most difficult parts of the separation process. The shared custody portion of divorce can be an overwhelming prospect but with careful planning and excellent communication, you can improve the shared custody relationship and stay close with your kids after you move.

Parenting from a Distance

When the decision is made to move away from your child or the primary caregiver decides to move away and takes your children with them, it becomes necessary to make a parenting plan that accommodates the distance. The children count on the parents to make the best decisions for them and keep them the priority regardless of the distance between the two parents.

Some of the more significant concerns of separating the parents include the following:

Formalities Interrupt Spontaneity – The distance between the two parents forces there to be an interruption in the spontaneity of the relationship. Planning travel requires there to be much more formality in the scheduling of all of your time together.
Balance Is Difficult – Having two parents intimately involved in their children’s lives provides a necessary balance. Forcing the distance between the other parent and the child creates an imbalance in the involvement of the distanced parent.
Travel Disrupts Schedule – Traveling to visit a parent will often disrupt the schedule of the child and prevent them from participating in their activities.
Communication is the PriorityThe most important thing that you can do is communicate effectively with your ex-spouse and with your children. It is difficult for the child to not feel abandoned or unimportant. Even though both parents are no longer in a marriage relationship, it is vital to work towards a relationship that focuses on making this the best experience possible for the kids.


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